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Main structural components of single-processor computer and multicore computer

Central Processing Unit
  • Central Processing Unit - controls the operations of the computer. Performs data processing operations.
  • Main Memory - stores data
  • I/O - provides a mean of communication between the computer and its external environment.
  • System Interconnection - buses - comprises of lines of wires that provide interconnection between various computer components.
  1. Central processing unit (CPU)

Its major structural components are:

  • Arithmetic and Logic Unit - performs computer data processing operations
  • Control Unit - controls the operations. of the cpu and hence the computer.
  • Registers - provides storage internal to the CPU.
  • CPU Interconnection - provides a mechanism of communication between the ALU, control unit and registers.
Multicore computer structure

Most modern computers consist of multiple processors. When these processors are reside on a single chip, the term Multicore computer is used.

Necessary definitions
  • Central Processing Unit - fetches and executes instructions.
  • Core - an individual processing unit on a processing chip.
  • Processsor - a physical piece of silicon that consists of one or more cores.