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Introduction to Computer Architecture & Organization

Computer Architecure
Difference between Computer Architecture and Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture - refers to those attributes that are visible to the user like addressing techniques, instruction sets, and bits used for data and have direct impact on the logical execution of a program. A term used interchangeably with Computer Architecture is Instruction Set Architecture .

Computer Organization - refers to the operational units of a computer and their interconnections that realize the architectural specifications.

Computer Structure and Computer Function

Computer Structure - the way in which components in a computer system are interrelated.

Computer Function - the operation of each individual component in the structure.

Basic Functions that a computer can perform
  • Data Processing - a computer manipulates data by perfoming operations on the numbers.
  • Data Storage- the computer temporarily stores pieces of data that are being worked on. Files are stored on the computer for subsquent retrieval and update.
  • Data Movement - a computers operating environment consists of devices that act as sources or destinations of data. When data are delivered or received from a device that is directly connected to the computer, the process is known as Input-Output(I/O) and that device is referred to as the peripheral device. When data is to be transmitted over distances, the process is known as Data Communications.
  • Control - managing of computer resources.